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Clearing out some older inventory here at reduced pricing. Also check the Prints page and Store for newer items.

Hardcover Photo Book


22 pages of my photos of wildlife and birds from Eastern Passage and Hartlen Point

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10 x 10 Canvas Print – Savannah Sparrow


Savannah Sparrows frequent my shore for most of the year.  We are also blessed with a regular visiting population of the Ipswich subspecies.

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Common Yellowthroat 10×10 Canvas Wrap


The Common Yellowthroat is a familiar bird during the summer in Nova Scotia, but rarely out in the open like this unless they feel threatened.  Very skulky birds more often heard then seen.  I was lucky to happen upon this one enjoying a snack in a sunny bush and fire off a shot before it flew off.

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Dalmatian Pelican – 12 x 18 Glossy Metal Print


In the fall of 2018, I traveled all the way to the Northern region of Greece just to see a Dalmatian Pelican. Well, admittedly I was planning a vacation to the Greek Islands and figured the region would be a nice addition to round out my trip. On my first European vacation I had a relaxing 4 days of swimming and relaxing on the Mediterranean Sea, followed by a culturally fascinating visit to the Macedonian region of the country. I didn’t have nearly enough time in the city of Thessaloniki but did have a wonderful 2 days birding in the Lake Kerkini area. These rare Pelicans were one of many beautiful creatures I witnessed on my adventure of a lifetime.

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Short-eared Owl at Hartlen Point – !2″ x 8″ canvas wrap


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