Early June update on my plantings

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Year 3 is really the year a garden starts to take root. Of course I’m already dreaming of dividing perennials next summer!

I did a lot of planting in 2022 when I bought the house, and then a lot more planting last year in 2023.

Fast forward to the 3rd spring and things are really coming together.

One of the best things yet is that my Percy Wiseman Rhododendron finally bloomed. I bought it as a sad little sale plant in the fall of 2022 and didn’t know if it would make it. As well it’s not for our gardening zone so little hope for it really. But it made an appearance in late May and it is just gorgeous! Yeah, my Border Collie is too I know…

I will write more later too busy gardening now! I’ve been snapping lots of photos though so lots to work with.

Daffodils and narcissus super deer and bunny resistant
This area was all Dandelions and other weeds so first year I moved in turned it into a Tulip garden. The Tulips are Cape Breton Highlands Mix by Vanco. Slowly adding more things Last year I added Daylilies. My neighbors just gave me these great rocks that replaced the old rail tie.
I planted Anemones for the 1st time in the fall and so glad I did! I almost dug up as a weed this spring because they aren’t much to look at before they bloom. I check iNaturalist and PlantNet apps before removing things as I’ve made mistakes in the past.
Rainbow Rock Cress is a favorite of mine. I seeded at my last house and here I did seedlings indoors. I thought they did not germinate but just in case I mixed them into the soil last spring and voila here it is this spring. This happens quite a bit, I’ve learned not to give up on things too easily.
I brought some Heather (blooms white) from my old house. I inherited it there. It’s looked almost dead since I brought it but year 3 is bringing it lots of life. Again, don’t give up too easy as things need time to root.
Creeping Phlox should be an easy plant. I brought 3 colors from my old house. They were all given to me and did so well there. I have not been able to establish them some critters were digging them up every day! So I moved some inside the dog fence, even though they are deer and rabbit resistant and they are doing much better back there. But this one bit in front powered through and is doing great too.
Did Columbine from seed indoors last year and transplanted out in the spring. Lots of plants came up very healthy but none flowered. Now in their 2nd year they are all starting to bloom.
Ninebarks in two colours – struggling as the deer are hard on them but they will eventually be big enough it won’t matter
Spirea and Dwarf Burning Bush are thriving
had to relocate this Boxwood that was turning orange in a boggy area doing great now
Columbine I did from seed 2 years ago, 1st bloom for them, Lamb’s Ears from Dad, Tiger Lilies from a neighbor, Spurge from Dad
Spurge from Dad
site of the old Chicken Coop
shade garden in between the shed and garage (added Wild Ginger from Maria in back this year)

There will definitely have to be a post devoted to Tulips when I get time. So many plants, so little Thyme…

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