May 8 2024 plants from Maria

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I had a visit to a friend’s garden this week and she sent me home with a bunch of perennial prezzies!  The garden on their property is one of the nicest you will ever see.  No grass anywhere on the property.  All mosses and thyme, pine-needle paths, and so many amazing perennials.  It was really something to see so many flowers at the beginning of May. 

Maria and Lazslo’s beautiful garden coming to life

My goal also is for less areas to mow and more pretty foliage.

She gave me the following deer resistant, shade tolerant plants:

3 Rhododendrons – planted 2 in back in an old log and 1 in front in a tree stump.

Leopards Bane – tall clump forming spreader perennial of the sunflower family likes moist soil and shade.  Will reside exactly where the chicken coop once stood.  The soil there is very rich.  I have a theory…LOL

It is getting nibbled a little, maybe by the Snowshoe Hares, but doing great generally.

Red Phlox – tall and dramatic – spreads full sun to partial shade moisture air circulate and mulch to keep cool. Planted at back of little garden where a big dirt pile and tarp and chicken wire once was. Will have to add some mulch.

Bonfire Spurge – put in with some Columbine and Corral Bells will be good to have another big splash or color outside the fence it’s great for bird photos.

Wild Ginger – not sure which variety. Spreads and currently there is a huge mess of Buttercups to replace and there was quite a bit of Bindweed when I moved in so even though it’s a little naughty it will be much better than those things.

Bee Balm – added to my front garden. I did some from seed too but not sure if they will take. I also have some weeds in another garden area that may be Bee Balm I planted last year but won’t know for a while until they bloom. Happy to have a sure thing. I’ve always had difficulty with this plant for some reason.

Angelina Sedum – have some in my little dog garden but happy to have a bit more to spread around as it’s nice to have the all year yellow foliage.

Columbine – I have quite a bit I’ve done from seed but always happy to have more and think these will be a different color.

Happy Return Daylily – along back of house where more colorful foliage was needed.

Red Daylily – put in one of my rock gardens near the deck will post pic when it blooms.

Masterwort – It prefers to be planted in part shade to full shade. Astrantia grows best in moist soil with plenty of organic material. Since masterwort plant needs moist soil, it needs to be watered frequently during times of drought, otherwise it will die. Planted it in a shady area of mosses and wildflowers. Once it’s well established I can take out the placeholder bricks and in the meantime I should really get some nice beach rocks to replace them. So much to do!

Persicaria bistorta (Knotweed) – They grow 2- 2½ ft. tall, and spread to form 3 foot wide mounds. Excellent ground cover plant, especially when planted along the edge of a pond, a stream or in boggy areas.

They are very easy to care for plants that can be grown in full sun or light shade,Knotweed should be planted in fairly rich, constantly moist but well-drained soil

Planted in area we don’t mow that is full of wild flowers and ferns and next to a small stream. Put some little Joe Pye seedlings around it but not sure they will grow I think I opened the milk jug too early and they are not strong seedlings.

Common Orange Daylily – in front of garage

Geranium  – in front of garage – replaced some European Knapweed and Dandelions. The Knapweed is very pretty and the pollinators love it, but we have way too much and it’s considered invasive so slowly taking some out. Will try to achieve some balance over time.

Pachysandra – deer resistant and tolerates drought, shade, and heavy clay soils. Excellent groundcover for weed control, as it spreads to form a dense mat that inhibits weed growth.   It can be invasive as it spreads by rhizomes but planted in the goutweed which I hope it may overcome, and will surround by rock borders as Maria did with hers.

And I decided to move my existing Hellebores over by the Coral Bells in the old chicken coop area with some of her Columbine. I brought 2 Hellebores with me from my old house. 1 died almost immediately and the other one has been struggling. But it loves it’s new home and I have high hopes for it. Will add more in time in this area if it’s successful, nothing like a winter rose!

Will update as more things bloom.

Thank you Maria!!!

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