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Accidental birds in Portland, Maine and some birding outside of Wiscasset

Accidental birds in Portland, Maine and some birding outside of Wiscasset Posted on May 7, 2015

I spent last night in a little beach tourist town called Ogunquit (just outside of Wells).  I prefer to get out of the big cities for the night when I’m on the road so I can reboot, and birding has certainly upped that game. This morning I was off to Portland.  I stopped at a pet store in down town Portland and in the parking lot I looked up and there was Black-crowned Night Heron in a tree,

squire-taxbox-inn-may-6 019
Black-crowned Night Heron
squire-taxbox-inn-may-6 020
Black-crowned Night Heron downtown Portland, Maine
squire-taxbox-inn-may-6 023
Black-crowned Night Heron who just figured out I was photographing him uh yeah I’ll stop now dude

Off I drove to the other end of town to see another pet store and in the back of the store I was greeted by a House Sparrow (my bird familiar perhaps?) and a few Savannah Sparrows.  The birds, they are everywhere when you start looking for them. squire-taxbox-inn-may-6 070

Savannah Sparrows
Savannah Sparrows
male House Sparrow
male House Sparrow

Then off to Wiscasset for the night.   On the way down I stopped in the country to try to snag a shot of a large group of Barn Swallows who were, you guessed it, living in a barn, but didn’t have a lot of luck.  They were super fun to watch and listen to though.  If you click twice on the photos to zoom in you will see they are actually Barn Swallows, not blackflies  😉

squire-taxbox-inn-may-6 087
Barn Swallow
squire-taxbox-inn-may-6 096
Barn Swallows never stay still unless they are in the barn I guess

My final destination, The Squire Tarbox Inn, is a haven for birds and a heaven for people.  I’ve given a view of the outside of my room both looking in and looking out.  Hands down one of the nicest places I’ve ever stayed.  Although I do remember the Lodge at the Old Dorm on Bowen Island, Vancouver was amazing as well.  The owners at the Squire Tarbox Inn are wonderful and serve food that is farmed by their son down the road and prepared by an executive chef.  Best salad greens ever!  I can’t wait for my “farm to table” breakfast in the morning and to hear the songbirds who are all over the property.

view of the outside of my room at the Squire Tarbox Inn looking in
view of the outside of my room at the Squire Tarbox Inn looking in
squire-taxbox-inn-may-6 107
view of the outside of my room at the Squire Tarbox Inn looking out
squire-taxbox-inn-may-6 111
Chipping Sparrow
squire-taxbox-inn-may-6 112
Chipping Sparrow
some type of flycatcher? lovely find
Chipping Sparrow (thanks for the ID help)

Roni, the owner of the Squire Tarbox Inn told me of a little wildlife preserve I could get to in the area so I took a little drive to see the local scenery and a walkabout on the trail.  First thing I saw at the trail head though was evidence of a bird massacre…oh dear!  What kind of bird I wonder?   Once on the trail, I was completely surrounded by songbirds the entire time but the trees were dense and very tall so I did not see many although I do think I finally got my Hermit Thrush?  I could use some ID verification with my photos, but I swear by that Hermit Thrush song.  Joel Plaskett knows a thing or two about songs I always say…

squire-taxbox-inn-may-6 139
uh oh someone got nailed! what kind of feathers are these?
Bonyun Westport Island
Bonyun Westport Island


squire-taxbox-inn-may-6 148
Hermit Thrush? looks warm toned like a Veery but there songs are completely different
Hermit Thrush?
Hermit Thrush

The trail was nice and I walked to the end but didn’t see much more.  I think if the river had been filled up with water there would have been lots of birds but it was pretty much just mud.  But as usual my birding adventure ended with a surprise as I noticed a Ruffed Grouse on the way out.   Boothbay Harbour and Rockland in the morning and then up the coast to New Brunswick for another night at the palace they call the Algonquin Resort before visiting some stores in Saint John and heading back to Nova Scotia.   Birding sure makes my business travel feel like a vacation.

squire-taxbox-inn-may-6 181