February 23rd, 2015 was the day I officially became a “bird nerd”

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2015 was the year I officially became a bird nerd. It was bound to happen really. Although I’m no photographer a favorite hobby of mine since childhood is to walk in the woods and take photos. Simply excellent way for me to quiet my mind and I love nature.

kestrel-hartlen-point-feb-23 065

Just before the New Year the local news ran the story of the rare Eurasian Kestrel that blew in on a storm and landed at Hartlen Point. As I live in Eastern Passage and there is really not a lot to do in winter I couldn’t resist driving down to see what all the fuss was about.

Immediately upon arrival I was welcomed into the birding community. Friendly people with binoculars and giant zoom lens cameras gave me quick lessons on identifying various raptors that frequent the area. In less than an hour I learned to spot the Northern Harrier, Rough-Legged Hawk, and our Hali-famous visitor the Eurasian Kestrel. The Snowy Owls are easily identified by common folk and I was personally delighted to find out there were three in the area.

And just like that my entire community has a whole new dimension. It would turn out that birds are everywhere around us all the time. They are masters of camouflage and wonderful at practicing to be statues. But if you are quiet and pay attention you will see them in all kinds of places where previously you took no notice.

Advice from the local birders on picking out a high zoom point and shoot camera was worth its weight in gold.

On February 23rd I ventured out with my new Canon Powershot 50 times optical zoom and was able to take some of the better photos of the Eurasian Kestrel and also the Rough Legged Hawk. Can we say hooked on birding?

kestrel-hartlen-point-feb-23 012