May 29th, 2021 – Garden /hardscaping update

When I bought the house in 2007 this is what the seating area portion of my side garden looked like. Transforming it has been a labor of love, and during the pandemic even kept me from licking the walls somedays!

It is amazing how much colour there has been I my garden over the past month.  And how much more I have planted this spring!

Last October, I pretty much finished up most of my to do list for the spring in the garden.  I think we all understand all to well why I got so much gardening done ahead of schedule.

Without my garden this spring I’m not sure how I would have pulled through.  Once your freedoms are restricted life is not very pleasant it would seem.  So in my parcel stamp size of land, I can pretend I have some small amount of autonomy and control.  About to get political, so will let this go.

My focus has shifted to flowers and seating space in my side garden, so been gradually adding perennials over the past few years, and last fall and this spring some more concrete slabs.  I removed a red currant bush last year and sent it out to my friend’s yard on the South Shore to help them attract more birds to their property.  Then I removed all yellow loosestrife and added more seating space.  The goal was also to have lower growing plants to open things up a little more.  I’m pretty pleased with the transformation.

Will add photos of my new Tulips and other blooms here shortly…off to do some gardening!

One thought on “May 29th, 2021 – Garden /hardscaping update

  1. Oh wow…you’ve been busy ! The patio stones under your little table & the new anirondack chairs look great. The creeping mosses between the flag stones is filling in nicely & is so pretty. Thanks for sharing with me.

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