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Nova Scotia Bird Society meeting and field trips in Yarmouth – summer solstice weekend 2019

Nova Scotia Bird Society meeting and field trips in Yarmouth – summer solstice weekend 2019 Posted on September 29, 20191 Comment

My 2019 summer solstice was spent in Yarmouth for the Nova Scotia Bird Society annual out of town meeting and field trips.

Honestly the annual out of town field trips are the best part of the NSBS for me, and likely many others feel the same.  It’s only the second one I’ve attended, the first being the fabulous weekend in the Cape Breton Highlands last year.

I’ve been to Yarmouth many times but never for a pleasure trip, so it was wonderful to spend some time in the beautiful Acadian region at the most southerly tip of our province.  I found an Airbnb right on the water on the Pembroke Road, which also turned out to be in a bit of a birding hotspot near the Goose Flats/Cranberry Head. 

the view from my room in Cranberry Head

It wasn’t a weekend about rare birds, but of connecting with rare birders.  There are only a small number of very good birders in the province, and a good percentage of them attend these events.

On the topic of rare birders, we had one join us all the way from British Columbia.  Suzy Wright found out about the event when visiting Nova Scotia and incorporated it into her trip.  It was interesting to have her observations as part of our group to include a perspective from our other coast.

left to right – Maurice LeBlanc, Angie Millard, Suzy Wright, Tony Millard, B Haley

We had wonderful weather and a good number of nesting warblers and songbirds.

Black-throated Green Warbler singing his most musical of warbler songs

The highlight of the trip for me and many others was the boat trip.

Alix d’Entremont sharing his vast knowledge of the local waters and islands

We all enjoyed sunny mornings and were often greeted by White-tailed Deer.

early morning greeter at Cape Forchu

There was a photography workshop by Simon d’Entremont, which I do regret not attending as I love his work.

The talk on Northern Saw Whet Owls at the museum was very interesting and I’m tempted to head up to NB to see if I can assist with banding in October!

It was great to meet some of the local birders who don’t make it into Halifax for our meetings. Eric Ruff was a wealth of local birding knowledge in particular and kind and generous enough to share.

All in it was a wonderful kickoff to summer with lots of learning opportunities and great company. I even met my first Raven babies!

these young Ravens were hopping around noisily harassing their parents for food – their parents have skulked off quietly for a mental break at this point…haha

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  1. What a great time we all had-meeting and birding! Loved that you have the two chapters now and especially enjoyed the sharing of owl research at the meeting. Have been watching some of the Dorian birds you intrepid birders have been getting this month- Skimmers, all kinds of terns, warblers and gulls. Never mind the gorgeous pelican! Great fall birding all over NS. from the looks of it. Thanks again for the hospitality and hope to see you out here soon.

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