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House Sparrow love in Eastern Passage

House Sparrow love in Eastern Passage Posted on April 28, 2015

So, it would turn out as a field birder I’m more of a strolling variety than a “twitcher”.

Many birders get the “twitch” which means when they hear of a bird they need to check off their lifelist or their list for the year and they get in their car and zoom off to find it and get their photograph.  And that is okay, it’s just not what I do.

I enjoy wandering about the neighbourhood or in places I would usually walk outdoors even if I were not birding and taking note of what I see.  Primarily because bird behavior and documenting what I learn interests me more than getting the perfect photo.  Naturally I am eternally hopeful about that.

And so, the most common of birds may be more interesting to me than the rare birds.  And in that case, that is the case.

All winter a male House Sparrow (aka English Sparrow) was hanging around the cedar hedge in my yard.  I am told that at one time they were common in Nova Scotia but they are relatively uncommon now.  Nice that he lives in my yard I thought.

backyard-april-7 052

So when a female showed up about two weeks ago and captured his attention I was pretty thrilled.  Of course I am thinking some House Sparrow babies would be a wonderful addition to my neighbourhood.

northern-shoveller-rainbow-haven-april-13 050

For a few days they courted about the rooftops and telephone poles and then disappeared.

rainbow-haven-birds-and-sunset-april-14 002rainbow-haven-birds-and-sunset-april-14 014

And today when I had my senior dog (Nelson) out for a little walkabout I found out why.  They have taken over an old birdhouse in a tree down the road on someone’s front lawn.  And the male is guarding the front of that little birdhouse with all he’s got.

aroundthehood-april-28 008-crop aroundthehood-april-28 012-crop

I’m not sure how long it will take them to make some wee ones but I sure do look forward to seeing those little chicks appear.

Spring in Eastern Passage has finally arrived.