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Work diversions and excursions

Work diversions and excursions Posted on March 30, 2015

Work diversions and excursions

As a travelling sales consultant in a very large territory (all 4 Atlantic Canada Provinces, and Maine) I have opportunity to visit a lot of great birding spots just by driving to visit accounts.

Recently I was visiting stores in the Annapolis Valley and stopped at a place near Grand-Pré they call “the guzzle”. It’s just a little spot on the tidal flats at the end of a dirt road near some farms really. There are many other “guzzles” around the area.

I was fortunate enough to be the only one there so the Horned Larks and Snow Buntings didn’t see me coming and there were so many on the road I felt I may drive over them. Many did stick around and I got some decent snaps. Both birds were “lifers” for me.

The reason I started blogging about birds in fact is because I mentioned to a local birder, Maxine Quinton, that I was going to be photographing birds on my travels through the East Coast and she suggested that I journal it. And so I will journal on the web.  Thank you Maxine  🙂

This May I will visit Maine for the first time representing Auburn Leathercrafters. It will be a fairly long trip visiting stores primarily throughout the great Portland area but I will ensure I stay at B&Bs along the coast and do a little birding.

Then in June I drive across Newfoundland visiting accounts from Cornerbrook to St. John’s and everywhere in between. Going to take Port Aux Basques Ferry in and go out on the Argentia. It’s a very long trip to make just to get there so I will take a day to myself St. Anthony and spend the night along the way near Terra Nova National Park. I definitely plan to keep an eye out for the Red Crossbills in Terra Nova. St. Anthony interests me more for native people’s culture and whale watching from the shore (and hopefully no polar bears) but there will be Artic seabirds abound.

It is always a great reminder that being rich in spirit is more valuable than being rich in dollars.  I do love what I do.