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My morning flock included a pair of Northern Cardinals today.  They are noisy and woke me up in fact.  I often hear the mixed flock of birds moving through my yard in the morning to make their way through the neighbourhood but this morning I recognized different sounds so got up to investigate.

I have no bird feeders for a variety of reasons, finances being one, and also because as a rule I tend to be hand’s off with nature.  But my yard is surrounded by a cedar hedge and is also fenced in so no cats get in, and there are lots of seedy plants and berry bushes and a grape vine so everyone comes through to get to the neighbour’s feeders a few doors down.  I personally think I enjoy the birds more not having a feeder as I can enjoy them all, even the Starlings because I’m not concerned about who is eating what.  Other people feel differently about this, and that is why we all enjoy the birds in our own way.

Anyway, when I came out to my kitchen window to see what was going on this morning the first bird I saw was a female Cardinal, shortly followed by the male.

No photos but I did go onto the step for a few minutes to enjoy all the birds moving through and the symphony of song.  There were at least two in the hood I didn’t recognize so I will have to ask my neighbour later who he is getting at his feeders because it sounded quite promising.

Moving through my yard this morning were primarily American Goldfinch in large numbers (probably 40 plus), Black-capped Chickadees, Mourning Doves, Starlings, Bluejays, Song Sparrows, and a pair of Northern Cardinals.  Who knows what else moves through that I don’t notice.  Maybe someday I’ll get that bay window…never hurts to dream.

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one of about 40 American Goldfinch who came through this morning

Goldfinch eating the seeds on my Birch tree

Goldfinch eating the seeds on my Birch tree

PS – if there is a commotion in the yard, I know a Sharpie is lurking about!


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