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New Year’s Eve in Eastern Passage

New Year’s Eve in Eastern Passage Posted on January 1, 2016

Days like this do make me dream of a DSLR I will admit.  But today my goal was to try a setting on the camera other than auto.  I probably should have played with the aperture priority as it was very overcast and I wasn’t taking flight shots but I had chosen sports mode for this day.

Long-tailed Duck and Surf Scoters
4 Surf Scoters (3 male 1 female) and a female Long-tailed Duck (formerly known as “Old Squaw”)

Eastern Passage was full of sea ducks today, and also some very cool wildlife I have not seen before today.

first Mink I've ever seen here, although in fairness I've never looked
first Mink I’ve ever seen here, although in fairness I’ve never looked

I’ve been chasing a good photo of the Long-tailed Ducks for some time now alas they really do not come close to shore so this photo shows the limitations of my camera.  I can get the shot, but it’s not clear.  These are lovely creatures and I would someday like to do them justice but for now I am happy to have them in fit to frame at least.
long-taile-ducks-mink-scoters-scaup-dec-31 463

There were 4 Long-tailed Ducks today swimming with a group of 4 Surf Scoters and 1 White-winged Scoter.

long-taile-ducks-mink-scoters-scaup-dec-31 669
long-taile-ducks-mink-scoters-scaup-dec-31 476
long-taile-ducks-mink-scoters-scaup-dec-31 524
Also the first raft of Scaup I’ve seen this winter in the Passage.  I’m working on the ID but my first thought is they are Greater Scaup although there may be some Lesser in there as well, or they could be all Lesser.  Always feel free to get in touch with ID ideas I’m not always right!

part of a raft of about 25 Scaup
part of a raft of about 25 Scaup

This certainly was the best show of sea life I’ve seen on the Shore Road in weeks and a nice treat for the holiday.
long-taile-ducks-mink-scoters-scaup-dec-31 650
Happy New Year and all the best in 2016.