my heart broke at Shubie Park today


Macy and I had a bad experience at Shubie Park last fall, so we are pretty hesitant to go there but we worked up the courage for some mega socializing today.

We had a super sad experience. There was a big grey pitbull wearing a prong/pinch collar. The dog was very friendly and sweet. It was playing with Macy. The owners put it on the leash so it would stop playing for some reason, but Macy and the dog liked one another so it still wanted to play.

The pitbull was on a long line so twice it ran to the end of it to play with Macy and then shrieked in pain because the prongs dug into it’s neck when it hit the end of it’s rope.

I had to leave the park crying.

The people seemed nice and it is wrong that those devices are even available for people to buy.

If the owners read this, please know I mean you no harm but your poor sweet dog got hurt today for being friendly 🙁

Please consider a strong, leather, buckled collar for large breed dogs or a chest harness.

Don’t do this to dogs. They don’t deserve pain.

Macy and me send healing vibes out to this dog and hope it gets a new collar please.

Macy after graduating from obedience classes at Sublime Canine

2 thoughts on “my heart broke at Shubie Park today

  1. It amazes me that although we could not find a strong thick leather collar for Sandy as she broke hers, there was a vast selection of these types of pinch collars and choke chains….thanks again Angela for your help. Sandy loves her new collar.

  2. I am with you totally – those prong/pinch collars are only indications of weak training and ignorance – anyone relying on those things don’t really have a bonded relationship with their dog – seriously, would you use a prong collar on a misbehaving child?

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